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Dr. Charlene Canali
Your South Miami Chiropractor

  • "Dr. Charlene Canali is a true Professional whom I have had the privilege of having as my health care practitioner since 1993. Charlene is a master as a Chiropractor and Acupuncturist and is constantly learning healing modalities that are beneficial to her patients.

    I trust Charlene with guiding me into well-being. Over the years I have gone to Charlene when my back went out, I twisted my ankle and tore ligaments, tune -up's and for respiratory and stress related symptoms. I am grateful and feel the benefits ten fold from the sessions with Charlene.

    Dr. Charlene Canali is present, constantly learning and growing, never stagnant. She rocks!!!"
    Maria C.4/6/2016
  • "I have been Dr. Charlene Canali's 100% satisfied patient for 20 yrs. I completely trust her medical knowledge which she earned by providing my family, friends and myself with decades of outstanding personalized care. Her pursuit to provide all of her patients with the very best care is evident in her uncompromising dedication. She continuously seeks to expand her knowledge with the latest research that best supports a wholistic approach to health care. Want excellence care? Dr C. is your answer."
    Helena in New York, NY | Mar 12, 2016
  • "I've been seeing Dr. Canali for about 2 years now. She is amazing at what she does and takes her time with you. Expect to be there no less than 1.5-2 hours on your first visit. The office has a very relaxing, Zen feeling.

    Not only does she help fix you, but she guides and teaches you how to become healthier. She is extremely knowledgable and does everything within her power to heal you. Having seen doctor after doctor for my fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome with no results except for tons of prescription medications that created other issues, she was a breath of fresh air. Within 3 weeks I saw improvements to pains and aches I'd dealt with for 2 years.

    Each supplement is individually tested as well as known food triggers for your condition. She has also helped me with a range of other health issues as well as giving perfect chiropractic adjustments.

    I can honestly say Dr. Canali has brought my health back!"
    Suzanne P. 6/23/2014
  • "I have been seeing Dr. Charlene Canali for over two years, and what an amazing doctor she is! Because of the results I have received, I have referred over 20 patients to her and will continue to do so.

    When I was evaluated by Dr. Canali, my girlfriend, who is a nurse and ran a hospital as an administrator, in New Jersey, came with me. She told me she did not believe in non-traditional medicine, but she wanted to observe. Dr. Canali spent almost two hours evaluating and testing me. When my girlfriend and I got in the car, she told me she was completely in awe of Dr. Canali, and a believer and furthermore was going to bring her granddaughter to see her!

    Furthermore, her office manager, Amy, and her assistant are the utmost professionals. They work to get you in and out of the office as soon as possible with real consideration for you. I thank God for Dr. Canali and her caring staff."
    5/9/2016 Toni P

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